Overnight Boarding

Basic Dog Boarding- Starting at $23 per night with our Frequent Traveler Program!

Dog Boarding with Dog Day Care- Starting at $52

Dog Boarding Suite-Starting at $50

Dog BoardingSuite with Dog Day Care- Starting at $75

Boarding Registration Form

Are you looking for a safe and fun dog boarding kennel for your dog while you are away?

Georgia Dog Gym is the perfect place for dog boarding! Our dogs are boarded in roomy kennels and are turned out into large exercise yards so that they can run and play. Dog boarding can be a great experience for your dog while you are away from home.

All dog boarding is contained indoors in a totally climate controlled and filtered air system that provides the best comfort for your indoor dog. We have regular indoor runs as well as specialty dog boarding suites for toy sized dogs.

All boarding dogs are exercised outside of their enclosures four times per day as part of the regular rate for dog boarding. You can sign your dog up for daily day care, dog training lessons, and dog grooming appointments while they are boarded with us. This can give your dog the chance to get even more care and attention while you are away.