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Canine Mastermind Course
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Canine Mastermind Course

STARTS: Wednesday, May 9th, 2018 (6:30pm to 7:30pm)

Canine Mastermind will be an ongoing course at Georgia Dog Gym.  It will be payable in 6 week increments and you may opt in or out at every 6 week segment. The cost for each 6 weeks is $85.00.

Canine Mastermind will take you on a unique and fascinating journey of exploration and understanding of your dog’s mind that is unparalleled to any course of study available. Researchers at Duke University, Yale, University of Arizona, the Max Plank Institute in Germany and others, have collected a set of research on Canine Cognition that is, to date, largely untapped by dog trainers, hobbyists, and pet owners.  Cyndy Douan, MHDL, PDTI will use the Canine Mastermind course, to take you and your four legged friend through a survey of Canine Cognition research and results. Through the course, the class will collaborate together to direct our survey to the topics in Canine Cognition that most interest us, as well as including advanced training concepts that we wish to work on together with our dogs. Training becomes infinitely easier when we can understand how the dog thinks, how the dog perceives individuals, environments, and situations, and especially how the dog works out solutions to tasks/challenges/problems.  The goal of the class: To illuminate your understanding of your dog so that you can adapt better ways of teaching to create a strong and deeply meaningful connection for life.

Dogs most suited to participate should be comfortable in different environments, friendly with other people, and food motivated.  For this course, we also require successful completion of Basic Training (loose leash walking, sit, down, stay, and coming when called).