Canine Massage

with Courtney Shaffer

Courtney with her two Border Collies, Cali and Goose.

Courtney with her two Border Collies, Cali and Goose.


Certified Canine Massage Therapist

Courtney Shaffer is a graduate of Berry College with a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science and a minor in Psychology. She started her journey with the Georgia Dog Gym as an intern in August of 2017, where she worked directly with Cyndy Douan, learning about various dog sports, training techniques, experiencing newborn puppies, and working with several different dogs on their training plans. Courtney was then hired on staff as a Canine Care Provider and has since been promoted to Kennel Manager. She recently became certified as Canine Massage Therapist through the Lang Institute of Canine Massage. Courtney completed her certification and testing in June of 2019 after a year and a half of studying and preparing. The certification practicum, in Colorado, allowed Courtney to practice on over 90 dogs in 4 days and receive feedback from several instructors to fine-tune her techniques. Since her return to Rome, Courtney has been able to work on several dogs and is now extremely excited to offer her services at the Georgia Dog Gym to optimize your pet’s stay and experience with us.

Canine Massage Services

Massage Therapy is useful in several avenues including, but not limited to; anxiety relief, muscle relaxation, injury recovery, pain relief, arthritic relief, increased circulation, increased flexibility, prevention of atrophy in inactive muscles, etc. All of these benefits are optimized in conjunction with treatment plans built by your regular veterinarian, so please be sure to consult with them about the best plan of action for your dog.

 There are two main categories of massage that are offered, therapeutic and relaxation.

 The therapeutic massage includes a full body and gait analysis that allows for specific targeting of problem areas. While the whole body will be massaged, there will also be a specific focus catered to each dog’s concerns. There are future assessments in which we expect improvement. We will schedule for several follow up massages in order to best enhance your dog’s recovery. Each session will last about an hour. $55

 The simple relaxation massage is a light, surface level full body relaxation session. It is a 30 minute full body massage for only $30! It is a perfect opportunity to spoil and pamper your best friend. This is a great choice for your pet to get during it’s boarding stay with us! Turn it into a full spa day and add on a bath, nail trimming, and ear cleaning to pick up your pet at it’s finest!