Georgia Dog Gym is pleased to begin offering in-home pet sitting to our local clients. Our Coordinator for these services is Beverly Donaldson. We have been lucky to have Beverly with us as a Canine Care Provider. Beverly quickly mastered our skill & experience requirements and moved into the Georgia Dog Gym Kennel Manager position within a year of hiring on with us. Our clients love Beverly's kind and gentle nature. Beverly is both bonded and insured to provide in home care for your pets, as well as any farm animals/large animals that you have at home. 

You can now go out of town and feel secure that all of the animals you love can be cared for in the familiarity of their own home. In addition to in-home care, Beverly also offers a local transport service for those times you may need your pet to visit the vet, the groomer, or travel to/from Georgia Dog Gym for facility boarding or daycare. 

Beverly and Mirk

Beverly and Mirk

Beverly Donaldson- Pet Sitting & Mobile Services Coordinator

Beverly is a lifetime animal lover who has always had a variety of pets in her family. Beverly has owned several cats throughout her life including her last cat Mr. Kitty who lived to be 16 years old.  Beverly currently trains and competes with her Border collies and Australian Koolies in the sports of nosework and herding. She has titled Mirk, her Border Collie, in nosework through NACSW; earning their NW1, NW2, L1C, L1I, and L1V titles. She has also titled Kobe her Australian Koolie in the sport of nosework; earning their NW1. Beverly loves spending time with and competing with her dogs, and plans to continue titling her dogs in the sport of nosework. Beverly has a love for all dogs but has a special spot in her heart for the elderly dogs and puppies. Beverly has also owned a vairiety of farm animals including sheep, goats, donkeys, and ducks. Most of them used for herding training and practice  with the family border collies, but all very much members of the family.

Services- Prices starting at $30

In-home Pet Care Visits

Overnight Visits

Farm Animal/Barn Visits

Dog Walking

Trips to the Park

Dog Waste Pickup In Your Yard

Pet Transportation- Local to Rome, GA

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Please submit this form to Beverly if you would like to request any of these services. Beverly will contact you for more information so that she can quote a price and get you on her schedule. 

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