Board & Train



The Boarding Training Program at Georgia Dog Gym is a 3 week program where we teach the basic obedience commands: Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Come, and a Release Command. The first week of training is spent introducing the concepts. The second week is spent here at the gym proofing the commands under distractions. The third week of training includes field trips to local parks as well as training on the city sidewalks of downtown Rome, GA. At the end of the program you will receive a send home lesson where we spend as much time as is necessary reviewing the training with you. The Boarding Training Program includes two 30-minute lessons per day with the dog, boarding fees, one bath, and incidental training equipment needs. We ask the you supply your own dog's food, treats, and chews or toys for the stay.

Cost: The cost for our boarding school program is $2,495.00. For this investment, we will return to you a happy, well behaved pet ready to enjoy the rest of her life as your family companion. You'll be able to go everywhere together...on or off leash, always well mannered and under control. 

Available Dates: We're now booking dogs for check-in December 2017 and beyond. 


For puppies 5 months of age or younger!
Features: Crate Training, Potty Scheduling, Introduction to Leash Walking, Sit, Down, Socialization, & Handling Exercises. The program also adresses puppy behaviors such as Mouthing, Nipping, Play Biting, & Inappropriate Chewing. 
If you are having trouble getting your pup off to the right start, we can help you! Puppy Potty Camp has limited space availability because your puppy will live in the trainer's home during the two week camp.
When the Camp is complete, the trainer will meet with you for a send home lesson where all of the training will be reviewed and where you will be given a written plan to follow when you take your puppy home. The program is great for a busy household who needs a "PLAN" in order to raise a puppy sucessfully, and also great for puppies who present more of a challenge to crate train and house train. Call us for details at 706-378-2275.
Cost: $1695.00


Today little comes with a lifetime guarantee. But we guarantee you our service and support for the lifetime of your dog.

What do we do?

Rarely does any client ask for additional training or support and that is a testimony to our dedication to training your dog effectively. We will be returning a well behaved happy dog to you, however you will have to also change and know how to work in partnership with your dog. We therefore spend a minimum of 90 minutes showing you how to control and work with your dog to become the human part of this wonderful partnership. If you interact and partner your dog as we instruct you, the training we give will last a lifetime..

If you experience any behavior or training problems

Should this happen you must call us and talk it over. There will be no charge. For the life of your dog behavior consultations and training advice are free. Should there be a rare occurance where your dog reverts back to some old unwanted habits in most instances these can be resolved easily on the telephone.

If a Phone Call is not enough.

Where you are not achieving what you require with your dog then we invite you to bring your dog to our facility to train together to resolve the problem. Once more there is no fee for this service. We will work together for as long as it takes to resolve the problems quickly and effectively. Where your home is in convenient driving distance we will also visit your home to resolve specific home problems. On some occasions a travel charge may apply.

If this still does not solve the problem.

Where we mutally agree that more training is required in our facility you may bring your dog back to the Georgia Dog Gym for us to work further with your dog. Once more no additional training fees will be charged, however if your dog stays overnight at our Facility, a nominal boarding fee will apply on a per night basis. We can also collect your dog from your home but a pick up charge may also apply in such instances.

We guarantee to ...
work to resolve all the training issues we mutually agreed upon when we booked your dog into the Georgia Dog Gym.

Give your pet the greatest gift of all... The gift of health!