What paperwork do I need to bring with me when I board my dog?

We must have a copy of the boarding registration and contract filled out and signed. The boarding registration and contract can be found on our website on the "Boarding" Page.


We will also need a copy of your dog's most recent vet records. You may bring in a copy for our records when you drop the dog off, you can email a copy to us at gadoggym@hotmail.com or you can have your vet clinic fax them to us at (706) 378-2975.

What items can I bring for my dog to have while it boards?

You should bring your dog's regular food, any bedding you want them to have, toys, treats and any medications they may need while they are boarding. We prefer you to leave your dog's water and food bowls at home unless they have a special bowl they need to eat or drink out of.

What happens if we forget food, or our dog(s) run out of food while boarding?

If your dog(s) run out of food while boarding, or you have forgotten food, we do provide food at an extra cost per dog per day. We feed Merrick Whole Earth Farms which is a chicken based kibble. The cost to feed this food is $5.00 per dog/ per day, plus tax. We will feed per your instructions. Note that if our food is being fed, and it is not your dog's regular food, it may cause your dog to have an upset tummy and possibly diarrhea. The sudden change in food is what will cause your dog to have an upset tummy and diarrhea. Always pack more than enough food in the event that your dog may run out.

Why does my dog seem stressed after being boarded?

The number one difficulty with boarding is the stress of being in a new place with unfamiliar faces. Most dogs are fine with boarding, but we do get the occasional dog(s) that become very stressed and develop stress diarrhea. Stress is the most common reason your dog may have diarrhea while boarding. Your dog may develop stress diarrhea if they have separation anxiety or if they are not used to being confined. Another cause of stress is if your dog barks uncontrollably at home. If they bark uncontrollably at home they will also bark uncontrollably here at the Georgia Dog Gym.

What can we do to help prevent stress diarrhea while our dog(s) board?

You can help prevent your dog from being stressed by consulting with your vet about medications while boarding. Most licensed veterinarians can prescribe your dog(s) a medication to help keep your dog calm while being boarded. You may also try bringing their favorite toy, treats, bedding or even a favorite chew bone. If a dog has something to keep them occupied they will not be so focused on being stressed out.

Should I make a list of my dog's belongings when I drop them off?

Yes. We encourage everyone to get in the habit of listing everything you have brought with your dog while it is boarding on an index card. This is beneficial to the staff to ensure that you go home with all of the items you came in with.

What are the required vaccinations to board at the Georgia Dog Gym?

We require that you speak with your Licensed Veterinarian about what would be most beneficial to your dog's health while boarding with us.

Should I make a reservation to board my dog?

Yes. We have a limited amount of space available, so it is important to call ahead at least 2 to 3 weeks to ensure we have a spot available for your dog(s).

Are intact/unaltered dogs allowed to go out in playgroups with other dogs?

No. Dogs over the age of 6 months are not allowed to go out in playgroups with other dogs unless they have been spayed or neutered.

Are families of dogs allowed to go out in playgroups with other dogs?

No. Two or more dogs that live in the same household must be turned out with each other only. The only way the dogs can go out and interact with other dogs if is they are split into different playgroups if there are enough playgroups to accommodate the dogs.

When can I pick up and/or drop my dog(s) off at the Georgia Dog Gym?

Our hours of operation are Monday thru Friday from 7:00am to 7:00pm. Saturday from 9:00am to 1:00pm and Sunday from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.

Are there any discounts on training for multiple dogs?

Yes. If multiple dogs from the same household signup for the same class at the same time, there is a 30% discount for the second dog. This applies to all basic training classes and agility classes. There are no discounts for multiple dogs doing the Board N Train or Puppy Potty Camp programs.

Do we bring our dog(s) on the first night of obedience class?

No. The first night of class is orientation for the humans only.

How do I pay for training classes at the Georgia Dog Gym?

There are several options for payment. You can come by and pay in person with cash, debit card, credit cards or checks. You may also pay over the phone via credit card. You can mail in a check along with your registration packet. Note if you pay by check for the Group Obedience class or the Puppy Kindergarten Class your check will be held until the day after the start of class.

Is there a minimum age for group class?

No. Puppies as young as 8 weeks of age can join the Basic Obedience class.

Is there an age limit for the Puppy Kindergarten Class?

Yes. No puppy over 20 weeks of age can join this class. If your pup is older than 20 weeks you are eligible for the Basic Obedience class.