Georgia Dog Gym provides dog sport coaching for all levels of dogs and handlers. Through our dog sport classes and workshops, you can experience many of the varieties of dog sports as well as basic foundation conditioning programs for canine athletes. Watch this space for upcoming dog sports classes and workshops.

Georgia Dog Gym also offers virtual coaching for dog sports enthusiasts. Use the "Contact" button below to inquire about virtual coaching. 


PUSH Treiball Clinics

January 26th & February 23rd- 10:30am to 12:00pm

Fun, fast paced games that focuses on teaching you and your dog how to become a team in order to navigate a ball through an obstacle course.

Join us to learn the Foundation skills to begin PUSH Treibball, or to observe. $10 per participating dog

Contact Jennifer, for details

If participating bring a weighted StayBall like the one in the link below

ProForm Stayball, 65cm