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Cyndy Douan- Rome, GA

Cyndy Douan, MHDL, CDT, CDT-A, PDTI



Cyndy Douan, MHDL, and her husband, Jeffrey White operate Kingston Kennels,LLC, a facility near Rome, GA that they have owned since 1997. It is located on the Rafter W Ranch property and currently serves as a working livestock farm and training & breeding facility for Cyndy’s award winning and internationally known “Rafter W Border Collies”. Enthusiastic clients and their dogs encouraged Cyndy and Jeffrey to expand canine services to Rome, GA and surrounding areas and subsequently, Georgia Dog Gym, LLC opened in 2006. Georgia Dog Gym, LLC is a natural progression of the growth and success of Kingston Kennels,LLC’s history as a premier boarding kennel and training facility for more than a decade.

Cyndy Douan has been a Director, Co-Founder, past President,and past Director of Education for the International Association of Canine Professionals.

Cyndy has been the recipient of IACP's 2004 MEMBER OF THE YEAR AWARD and the esteemed IACP PRESIDENT'S AWARD in 2002 and 2003 for outstanding service to the organization. Cyndy served as IACP's Director of Education from 2000 to 2008. In this position, she supervised the development and implementation of the IACP certification programs for canine professionals. Cyndy spent 10 years serving in leadership positions within the IACP.

In 2012, Cyndy was inducted into the IACP Member HALL OF FAME, an esteemed honor among canine professionals worldwide.

Cyndy has been a full time working dog trainer here in Georgia since 1990, and has trained thousands of dogs in that time. She is an IACP Certified Dog Trainer at the Advanced Level and Certified Professional Dog Training Instructor.

Cyndy has earned more than 200 titles since 2002 in AKC, USDAA, ASCA, CKC, TDAA, and NADAC Dog Agility Competition, Herding Trials, Dock Diving, Flyball, and Obedience Competition with twelve of her personally owned dogs. Cyndy has been a top ranked diving dog competitor, World Champion, and Diving Record Breaker with 7 of her Border Collies. She has appeared on televised events with the Incredible Dog Challenge in the sports of Fetch-It and Diving Dogs. In addition to an interest in the sport of dog agility, Cyndy has also trained dogs for Tricks, Freestyle Dance (or Dancing with your dog), Frisbee Disc, Dog Parkour, Shed Hunting, Nose Work, Pet Therapy, and Service Dog Work.

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Jennifer Cullari
Certified Dog Trainer Educator
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Lindsey Hill
Staff Supervisor /Dog Training Instructor

Courtney Shaffer- Kennel Manager/Canine Massage Therapist

Melissa Gilbert- Canine Care Provider

Elise Nadu- Canine Care Provider

Shane Watrous-Donnelly- Canine Care Provider

Shelby Wilder- Canine Care Provider

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