Reflections on Group Basic Training Instruction

In my twenty-eight years as a Professional Dog Training instructor, the one thing that never grows old for me is seeing the joy on the faces of my students when they see they are capable of training their dogs. I have truly lost count of the number of Basic Training Classes that I have instructed over the years, but I still remember the smiles, the grins, the giggles, the laughs, and the celebrations when someone's dog or puppy has "Got it Right"! 

I graduated a Basic Training Class just recently, and after the class, a student asked me, "Cyndy, you have a lot of staff here at Georgia Dog Gym. When are you going to retire from teaching a Basic Training Group Class?" I said, "I don't even have to think about that question. I will always instruct a Basic Training Class, because it is from all of you who I teach that I draw such great satisfaction and reward."  Thanks to each and every one of you! Coming to class each week will always be rewarding for me!       Cyndy Douan, MHDL, PDTI